Skinmapping: Gizmovements


Well, its time for  like my 200th tutorial on skinmapping. This tutorial will be on more cool sub-object mode skinmapping stuff. Again, this is more stuff I didn't know about until Skullbox mentioned it. Damn you Skullboxers. Its like, I can't stop now, I must write about everything there is to do about skinmapping that I know. It's turned into an obsession or something... help meeeeeee.


Unfortunately Lurtz can't attend this tutorial as he has been killed by Aragorn; and Aragorn can't attend because he's (and I quote) "Hunteen some oark"... which evidently takes more than 3 weeks. Dumbass is still "ATENd'n thu WEAKYLY Stauk" so... we have some evil Goth from everybody's favorite Burger King here to assist.


I am NOT the crow. Goth: I don't work at Burger King. What the hell?


Yes you do. I was there last week... bought a whopper damnit.


Inside you're low-poly... low-poly like me. Goth: Shup.


Anyway, the key to it skinmapping is this... you must ask yourself: "WHAT WOULD EINSTEIN DO?"


*grunt* *grunt* THINK HARD Goth: ?????


Yes, anyway...


Ewww... My hand stinks. What is ON YOUR HAND?

This is the arm that I will be unwrapping to illustrate some of this new funky stuff Skillbunk pointed out.


What I'm going to do is select the arm and then apply a UVW map modifier to it. In my previous tutorials I have done this the hard way, trying to set up a perspective then clicking view align to apply mapping from a weird angle. The view align method works just fine for quick applying of UVWs from any of the orthogonal perspectives. But when it comes to having an object on an angle ( I will put the arm on an angle to demonstrate) setting up a perspective then using view align is really sloppy.


Can't get a seam on a planar map BABY

Notice how in sub-object mode, the gizmo turns yellow and green rather than its usual orange color. The green line is where the seam will appear.


I have just applied a normal UVW map modifier to it and gone into sub object mode. Now I will apply cylinder mapping rather than planar (under parameters / mapping... if you cant see it your pretty dumb).


Fricken' goths... taking our jobs. Goth: I don't see it.



Old hair. Goth: *HMPF!*


Hmmm, anyway, the key point to being in sub object mode of UVW map is that you can now manually move and rotate the gizmo. Now that I have a cylinder mapping gizmo applied to the arm, I can rotate, move, and scale it into the right position.


It's tube city.

Now as you can see, the seam (green edge) is on the upper/inner side of the arm which is absolutely the worst spot for it.


If I were to try and rotate the gizmo into place right now with the green, blue and red axis pivot point xyz thingy in the middle there, I would end up spending far more time trying to adjust it than I need to. Instead, I change the reference coordinate system on the toolbar from View to Local.


This image encourages growth in tourism

See how I changed the option from view to local? Good, I knew you had it in you.


I WANT YOU TO WANT ME Goth: What good is changing that going to do anyway? Sheesh... just ignore me why don't you. Why don't I just talk to myself? Are you even listening? Nobody ever listens to me... I might as well be a Cheap Trick record.


HAHA, Yous!!

Anyway, the point of this this is that it changes the axis to local, so you can now rotate it on its own axis, rather than the axis of the world.


You see how this adds humour...

Now I can rotate it on the Z axis with no problems at all. This option can also be very handy when animating.


So now I rotate it along the Z axis until the green edge is at a spot where the seam wont be a pain for skinners.


Pffhh... Yeah, and the tricep runs along the WHOLE back of the arm.

Because this is a view model for a weapon I'm working on, I put the seam on the triceps, the area of the model that is least likley to be seen ever.


I think that's probably what Einstein would have done... cant be sure though.


Skullbox revealed in his true form.

Hey! Look! It's Skullbucks!


That's about it for this tutorial. My other tutorials on skinmapping cover all the other steps of making a full skinmap, this is just something new I have learned and find very useful. It takes the guesswork out of wondering where the seam is going to appear when cylinder mapping, that's for sure.


My next tutorial will most likely be on the edit mesh modifier, an in-depth look at every option and thingy you can foodle with and why you would.


Suck suck suck suck suck suck suck Goth: Yeah, well I think your next tutorial is gonna suck!


Bu-hoo! Go home.


Suck and suck all you can suck and suck Goth: *HMPF!*


Thanks for reading this quick'n simple tutorial. I hope that it helps you with your skinmapping endeavors.

Thanks go out to Skullbox for making me write another tutorial, and to my brother Brad Collins for his englishes, inputs, and reads.


Thanks as well go out to the lugubrious loogoob of a Goth for uuh... stuff or something.


Barry "HyPer" Collins

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